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We build websites that thrive.

Website Development

Website Development & Marketing provide a superior website design experience. Through affordable pricing and experienced developers we are able to provide the most advanced services at a fraction of the cost.

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SEO Services

The primary goal of Search engine optimisation is to gain visibility, traffic and leads for the desired keywords and search queries. This is done by dominating front page real estate on Google and other search engines. Achieving the front page requires specialist techniques and tricks.

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Google Ads

As certified Google Ads experts, we have the ability to dig deeper into Google Ads campaigns and directly target the correct customers. Through campaign optimisation and landing page experience we can save you a fortune on your cost per click while converting far more customers.

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Who We Are & What We Do

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Website Development & Marketing have over 10 years experience servicing Australian business.

Our portfolio now consists of over 100 businesses across the world who we have worked alongside to deliver incredible results.

We are happy to work with a variety of business and our services are not limited. Get in touch and find out how we can help you today.

Proud Australians

We are a 100% Australian company and do not outsource. We actually provide cheaper costs and faster delivery times by keeping everything in-house.

Experts in Business

Having owned and operated businesses we understand your needs and requirements and can assist you in meeting your goals.

Available 7 Days

We pride ourselves on being available for our clients 7 days a week. Should you ever require support we are on hand to assist you.

We Do It All

We are a complete-service agency which means we specialise in everything from digital design to development.

Our Guarantees

Guaranteed Results
Services for Every Industry

Delivered on Time
Delivered on Time

A true understanding of business and timeframes ensures all projects are delivered on time to all clients.

Beyond Next Level
Beyond Next Level

We're interested in what works. Our goal is not to take your business to the next level but beyond it.

Significant ROI
Significant ROI

75% of clients report an ROI covering the costs of website development services within the first month.

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CPC Advertising

CPC marketing primarily focuses on Google Ads marketing. Clients bid for every click at the top of Google for desired keywords and search phrases.

Website Development

Websites should be designed as like an online brochure or destination for information. It is essential to provide users the information they are seeking.

SEO - Google Search

Users on Google are looking for answers to their search queries. When Google source answers they look for popularity, legitimacy and authority. 

Social Media

Social media is primarily used as a funnel for marketing new leads and converting them into sales.

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We Strive for Positive Feedback

Every business is different so our approach to online services is always unique.

WDM are an Australian based full-service website development and marketing agency servicing all local and national business with full transparency, accountability and honest web design and marketing pricing from right here in Australia. No outsourcing – Have peace of mind knowing all projects are fulfilled by professional, educated and caring developers, designers and marketing geniuses right here in your home country.

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Website Hosting Plans

Host or migrate your website to the world’s number 1 hosting provider. Catering to small and large businesses offering premium server space and hosting speeds at a fraction of the cost.

Website Hosting
Website Hosting


Prices From

  • Up to 30GB Webspace
  • Unmetred Traffic
  • FREE Emails
  • Google Cloud Based
  • SG Optimizer
  • CDN Available
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WordPress Hosting
Wordpress Hosting


Monthly Package

  • Up to 30GB Webspace
  • Unmetred Traffic
  • FREE Emails
  • Google Cloud Based
  • WordPress Installed
  • WordPress Starter
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E-Commerce Hosting
E-Commerce Hosting


Monthly Package

  • Up to 30GB Webspace
  • Unmetred Traffic
  • FREE Emails
  • Google Cloud Based
  • WordPress installed
  • Woocommerce installed
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What They Say About
Website Development Marketing?

“We have seen drastic increases in sales, customer engagement and feedback on our website and the way it performs over the past 2 years thanks to Jake and the team at Website Development Marketing. Our business has changed dramatically.”

Jason - CEO,
Website Development Australia FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Website Developers / development

What is Website Development?

Website development is the combination of structure (HTML), design (CSS) and animation (JS). In order to display a website, a web browser such as Google chrome must connect to the server hosting these files through an IP (domain name) and translate the codes into a webpage. Website development often refers to the technical aspect of building a website which includes coding and markup languages. A website typically requires design and development which is why there are designers and developers. However, both terms fall under the branch of website development.

Front-end vs Back-end developers

Front-end website developers take responsibility in how a website presents to its users. A front-end website developer is responsible for designing a websites layout and semantics. A talented front-end developer's primary goal is to create a website which is user-friendly and attractive to customers.

A backend developer is responsible for all the coding and markup that goes on behind the curtain. The backend developers job is to create functions in the back of a webpage which brings action and life to the design of the front-end developer.

Example: A front-end developer will create the look of a button so a user knows it is a clickable element, the back-end developer will give it actions and navigational properties.

Should I outsource my website development?

The Answer to this question is completely dependant on the customer. There are plenty of cheap developers based out of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan if you are looking for a cheap price without a strict timeframe or much care for design and stability. WDM can typically handle every website development project from right here in Australia and provide unbeatable prices, 100% stability, and a well-functioning end-product.

Who are website development & marketing?

Website Development & Marketing is the design and development of a website which optimizes it to drive the correct leads and sales. A website marketing strategy is then put in place to drive traffic to the website through SEO, Google Ads and social media. 

How long will the new website take?

On average, our website developers deliver the initial website build within 5 to 10 days, from this point we ask for your feedback and work with you to ensure the website demonstrates your core beliefs and values. The final development stage can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days. 

Google Marketing & SEO

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly know as Google AdWords, is a form Google advertising where advertisers bid on keywords and search terms relative to their business and/or products in order to appear in Google's search results - ideally on the first page at the top. These clicks do cost money and costs vary depending on the keyword, website quality score and your ads quality score.

What are the benefits of Google Ads?

Put simply, Google ads is designed to give everyone an opportunity to bid for keywords which place a clickable ad in front of customers searching for various products or services. Think of it like this, if a website is on the 10th page of Google for a keyword it's almost certain to receive 0 clicks per month for this keyword. By bidding for that same keyword on google ads, placing the website on the first page, the amount of clicks become unlimited. These clicks do cost money per click however the cost can be heavily reduced if the google Ads groups and the website are performing correctly. A good website developer can ensure fast loading times, correct website content structure and meta data which correlates with the Google Ads being shown. Google's algorithms will collect all of this data and provide Google Ads users a quality score for each keyword. The better the quality score, the lower the cost.

Is SEO important?

The strength of SEO and driving organic traffic is not just important it is detrimental for websites in 2020. A great website developer will optimize pages for SEO within the delivery of the initial build of a website which is why it is always included with WDM at no extra cost. A website in 2020 that isn't operating by Google's guidelines is guaranteed to be shifted to the wasteland pages and PPC / Google Ads costs will skyrocket.  

Who are the best website developers in Australia?

Website Development & Marketing have a 5 star rating on google, True Local and Facebook. WDM also provide custom payment options, affordable services and top tier website design and marketing services tailored to your budget. Whether a new E-commerce design, WordPress website or a rebuild Website Development & Marketing are the best website developers for you.

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