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Should I Outsource Website Design

Outsourcing. Who? What? Why?

Every business requires a website and what we find is a customers biggest question is always cost. Attempting to produce a website yourself through wix or another platform can be very time consuming and costly as is if you do not understand exactly what you are doing. Not to mention if done incorrectly the website will never rank on Google. Paying an in-house web development team can also be hugely costly. This is why we see many Australian’s outsourcing website design & marketing to a to overseas developers at a more affordable price.

If price is a big issue it’s always best to let the website development company know about various quotes you have received overseas before outsourcing. More often than not the in-house web design company will make adjustments and do what they can do suit your current budget. This is a 10 time safer option than to go straight overseas and find yourself caught up with the wrong company. We find there are legitimate web design companies overseas however the quality of work and design skills are limited. In fact, roughly 25% of our current clients have worked with overseas clients in the past only to be left high and dry with little communication and errors once money has been paid. There is also the issue of duplicated sites and templates causing clients to end up with mirrored websites of their competitors.

Here, we’ll breakdown the process of outsourcing website design and what options are available and check if you are really saving money.

What is Web Design Outsourcing?

Firstly, did you know a majority of Australian website design companies outsource their work to India? The quotes you may have been given from some of Australia’s leading website development companies (not us) are often triple what the company is being charged by outsourcing. Here at website development and marketing, we are a small web design boutique. We do not have large scale offices, a large volume of staff and huge overheads so we are able to keep all design in-house. Meaning quick communications and website changes are available 24/7 – 365.

Know the Industry’s Average Prices

Website design packages can come in all different ranges. All the different website design lingo offered in your package can also be alarming and hard to understand. If you go for the cheapest option you are almost guaranteed to be given a template of a previous site with content changed to mimic your business. This is very dangerous for SEO. On multiple occasions when we have been asked to rectify website errors we find pieces of content from the previous website which has nothing to do with the industry of the client.

The costs for web design tend vary by 3 different factors:

  • Design complexity
  • Site functionality
  • Total number of pages on the website

If you’re developing a small, three to four page website, you should be spending no more than $799 AU. We can often provide a quote well under this figure. If you’re looking for a more intricate website like an E-commerce website prices can change dramatically skyrocketing over $5,000.

Collect and Compare Quotes

Prices will always vary between design companies. The best method is to get at east 5 quotes but think twice before inputting your phone number on overseas websites as you can get bombarded with calls.

Judge the Book by it’s Cover

If you are requiring a top tier design and a website that sells and brings traffic keep in mind the website design agencies who’s websites you really liked. What did you like about them? Were they easy to find? Did the site navigate easily? Did the draw you in? Remember, their own website will reflect the work they provide you.

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