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2019 Website Design Ideas & Trends.

There has never been a more exciting period in time to be a web designer with ever-evolving trends and technology. One thing in which we are sure to learn is that retailers don’t actively pursue fitting in, but standing out. So what do top web designers do to make this take place? Our team of professional website developers on the Gold Coast, Australia looked at the top internet design trends for 2019. Soft tones and monotonous design had taken the web over for a short period. It seems, though, that this trend is beginning to die out and fast. Retailers and online business are looking for an elevated contrast and energetic, vibrant, cheerful colours this year. Studying the recent fashion design collections: bright neons, metallics and geometric forms made a return. It seems the web is looking to follow.

Flat Website Design Trend

When looking at the largest online web franchises such as Ebay, Godaddy and even Google for a perfect example. Flat design has been the only go to for these online giants as they seek to reduce loading times as much as possible. While trying to give consumers a fantastic first impression with your website you first need to make sure it loads for a user within 2 seconds in 2019. Users don’t have time to sit around waiting anymore, there are just too many options! Creating a stunning, impressive website design and maintaining a lightning quick loading time mean flat design is more or less going to be the only way. Take a look at the biggest online retail stores and tell me i’m wrong.

Video? or Vide-no?

Even though in 2018 there was kind of a short buzz surrounding video backgrounds and what have you, this trend has slowed down, just like loading times did. As with colours, videos from 2019 are more bold and eye-catching than it ever has been but has to be done right. The key is finding the perfect balance to protect your written copy and videos from contending for the attention of the user and compressing enough but maintaining a nice quality. Functionally  speaking, videos are more brand & product focused to guide visitors through your website so they know how your products function look and feel.




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