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Google Ads marketing techniques that guarantee results for all Australians.

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All the Benefits

As a full-service digital agency, we can provide all aspects of the design & the development of a new website. 

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High Volume Traffic

Over 10 Years studying and practicing Google Ads. We know what works and what brings traffic.


The Right Customers

Only pay for the customers you want. This requires Google Ads expert mode and hours of tweaking.

Minimal CPC

Advanced methods and experience provides opportunity to minimise cost per click campaigns.

Google Ads Marketing

Developing and managing attractive call-to-action Google ads are a specialty of WDM and have been for over 13 years. Managing all Google Ads marketing services for multiple businesses across Australia has given WDM the opportunity to experience what works and what doesn’t for every industry.

As a complete-service media agency WDM can optimise websites and cater to every online requirement to ensure your Google ads cost-per-click is as low as possible while still attracting all the traffic in your industry.

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Understanding Google Ads

When we talk about Google Ads or Google AdWords we’re talking about two different types of Google ads: Search Network and Display Network.

Google Search Network refers to Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
This is the page, full of results, when you enter a search query in Google. The Google Search Network is the primary location where bidding takes place for Google Ads which are the Google ad snippets placed at the top and bottom of the page with the ‘Ad’ symbol next to the title.

Google Display Network
This is a network of websites who are partners of Google and contain display ads. There are millions of Google display ads in this network and you see them everywhere, typically in website sidebars and headers with images.

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