Coronavirus Pandemic Spikes Online Sales


The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the globe extremely hard financially. As online marketing experts for many online business and e-commerce stores we have discovered early what is still selling, what sales have multiplied dramatically and what has caused big slow downs.

Scarcity is Driving Sales

Firstly, scarcity and fear of essentials such as foods and drinks have caused a giant spike in sales for many of our e-commerce clients. Health foods, bulk foods and vitamin supplement sales are up over 1000% whilst the non essential supplements such as protein powders and gym supplements have only improved approximately 50%.

Gym Equipment (Sold Out)

Gym and workout equipment also seem to be on quite a boom with gyms being closed around the globe. In fact, a majority of our clients in gym equipment sales are practically sold out. This doesn’t just include weights and all-in-one home gym systems but fitness and strength bands, ab machines and much more. The closing of gyms coupled with a low supply and high demand of equipment has driven prices through the roof and sales continue to come through.

How We Can Help

If you are are operating an online health-food, vitamin or supplement company but don’t seem to be seeing an increase in sales it is highly suggested you begin running Adwords marketing where people can search click and buy within a few clicks. If you require help setting this up or need someone to manage Adwords for you we are the company for you! Also, if you’d like to discuss further your situation and what may be hindering your online sales you can get in touch with us any time! +61434080944