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  • Creation & Development

The Website Development pricing packages include a responsive E-commerce platform, meaning the website will display neatly on every device in a semantic and user-friendly fashion. The primary devices for online shopping in 2020 are desktop widescreen, laptop, tablet and smartphone.  This means any user, at any location with an internet connection can view an organizations online store and have no issues finding the information they require and ordering products.

  • Management

E-Commerce management and support plans are offered to all clients. Organizations are highly recommended to work with WDM in finding the correct management plan to ensure any issues or changes that may arise with an organizations E-commerce website can be rectified immediately. Management and support is 24/7 so WDM can get you back on track immediately. Management can also include graphic design work for upcoming sales and events for you E-commerce platform along with products uploading and changing.

E Commerce, Website Development Australia
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E Commerce, Website Development Australia


Websites are designed by highly experienced and talented designer/developers who work with clients to convey their message, sell their products and connect with all the right consumers online. Every online store is designed to a modern standard with correct use of information and a user-friendly navigation. The complete set up includes payment gateways, product pages, checkout page, cart, home page, support page, policy pages, Mailchimp, social media linking plus so much more.

E Commerce, Website Development Australia


WDM guarantee the best prices, every time. No E-commerce website work is outsourced. Website Development & Marketing take pride in every E-commerce design and development structure as it is a true hobby and obsession. The price an organization receives is the price they pay.

E Commerce, Website Development Australia


Studies reveal a majority of new online stores designed by WDM begin converting to sales immediately. More than half earn back the investment on the website within the first month. It is highly recommended new websites begin a trial of Google Adwords & social marketing (if this is not already being taken care of) to attract traffic. Did you know 80% of Google users never click past the first page? Take advantage of the Google Ads & Social Media Marketing trial while you can.

WooCommerce Development

Website Development & Marketing provide the best Woocommerce developers in Australia. If you are currently experiencing issues and require WooCommerce support or just need the services of a WordPress developer, we guarantee you will not find better or more affordable WordPress developer then here at Website Development Marketing. Woocommerce is our primary E-Commerce platform, we find it easy to manipulate, change and work with after having years of experience using it.

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E Commerce, Website Development Australia

We don’t just specialise in website development and E-commerce. We also thoroughly enjoy providing our clients with expert marketing which changes their business online forever. We can provide social media marketing, Adwords marketing and SEO optimisation.

A small business website typically costs around $1,000. Prices do vary depending on the amount of content, pages required, integrated systems required and timeframe. 

E-Commerce websites or Online Stores can vary from $1,000 to $10,000 once again depending on the size of the website. 

We can put together a fully custom E-Commerce ready Drop-shipping website for $990. This is for 1 or 2 items and includes the full set up with payment gateways, cart, checkout, landing page and support page. We can include a privacy policy page if you require one free of charge. 

Website Features

Here at Website Development & Marketing we can provide an E-Commerce website experience no one else can with affordable pricing and all the inclusions any client could want.


Modern design with parallax images, semantic structure and logistical navigation create a user-friendly website with an eye-catching touch.


All websites are delivered 100% stable and we provide ongoing support should you ever have issues.


Websites must load quickly to ensure you attract all potential customers. This is achieved through compression and lazy-loading.

Fast Turnaround

We deliver our websites for initial review within 10 business days and often have you up and running within the space of 2 weeks. 

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