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Simple Elementor Fixes

How To Update Elementor

Updating Elementor is extremely simple. Once logged into your WordPress dashboard navigate to the "plugins" tab half way down the left menu. You will see Elementor plugin located on the plugins page, click update. If there is no update available and your Elementor Page Builder is up to date, there will be no option to update.

How to Install Elementor Pro

First, ensure you have purchased Elementor Pro. This is done by navigating to Once the plugin has been purchased you will now have an account with Elementor.

Navigate to 'My Account' in the top right corner. Within the My Account page select the download icon in the top right corner next to your account name, Elementor Pro will show a clickable download, click it.

Now that you have downloaded your plugin navigate to your WordPress dashboard and select plugins > upload plugin. Find your Elementor Pro plugin on your computer and upload. Once uploaded select 'activate plugin'. 

You will now be prompted by WordPress to activate your license, click activate > login to Elementor and verify. 

Elementor Page Won't Load

If your Elementor backend won't load and you have minimal website development experience you have 2 options. You can read through the guides on by clicking here. or you can contact us using the form above.

You must call the_content error

Elementor's the_content error is caused by the disappearing of the_content php code in your theme's page template. A simple fix can be to try changing your page layout from 'page default' to 'Elementor full width'.

Otherwise, you will need to input: 

<?php the_content(); ?> 

into your themes page template under the header tags. This can be done in appearance > theme editor > page.php.