Expert WordPress Developers

Development For WordPress

As a full-service digital agency, we can provide all aspects of the design & the development of a new website. 

WordPress Themes

Expert WordPress Developers available for support and guidance in the installation, debugging and tweaking of WordPress themes to achieve the desired result you are looking for.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plug-ins can work wonders and create nightmares within your WordPress build. Whether you are experiencing errors or having trouble with a plug-in installation we can help.

WordPress Databases

WordPress database and dashboard installations can be tricky for those who have no experience. That’s why we offer support in diagnosing errors and providing installation support.

WordPress Setups

Website Development Australia are more than happy to set up your WordPress hosting package at a discounted annual rate which includes light-speed hosting, business emails ( and 20GB+ of storage.

Partnering with Siteground, (WordPress preferred hosting) we are able to always obtain priority support 365 days a year, 99.99% server uptime, backend access and a fast website.

If you are currently experiencing sluggish performance and a slow website we can always diagnose your current situation and operations online and get to the root of the problem. A fast website is a fast selling business so it’s always good to get sluggish performance sorted ASAP.

If you would like to migrate your WordPress website to a new host or convert your current website into WordPress Website Australia can help.


Woocommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform that integrates into WordPress. We can assist in migrating your Shopify store across to Woocommerce.

Website Design FAQs


Where are widgets in WordPress?

WordPress widgets are located under the primary tab "appearance" which is situated half way down the side menu on your WordPress Dashboard. When you located 'appearance' hover your curser over the appearance icon tab - A submenu will appear - Click on 'widgets'.

Within widgets you will often find a Global Primary Sidebar, primary widget area, secondary widget area and a couple of subfooter widgets. The widgets themselves are located in a list on the left.

Wordpress Widgets

What are WordPress plugins?

A plugin is unique and compressed software which theoretically plugs in to your website. When a plugin is integrated into a website it and switched on, it brings to life new functions. An example would be YOAST SEO. Yoast is quite possibly the most downloaded WordPress plugin of all time. When his plugin is downloaded and integrated into a WordPress site it brings a whole bunch of SEO configurations to improve website SEO performance. 

The main idea of plugins is to create an ease of use for developers and CRM users alike to manipulate their website without knowledge in code which in-turn saves hours of time searching through core files.

What are WordPress themes?

A WordPress theme is the structure and backend markup of your WordPress website. It's the hidden backbone that holds the website styles, structure and functionalities in place. There are a wide range of WordPress themes that operate differently and choosing the correct theme is dependant on what someone is looking to get out of a website.

What are your WordPress charges?

WordPress developer charges will always vary depending on the work required. New website builds can start as low as $499 and go up to prices in excess of $5,000. Typical charges for support are no more than $95 per hour and is all done within Australia.

Which cities do you service?

We service all of Australia and welcome international WordPress projects. We have clients in BrisbaneSydney Melbourne, Hobart, Gold Coast and many more cities in Australia.