Google make 3200 SEO Changes in 12 months

“When Google make new core changes to the SEO algorithms websites often see a small decline in search traffic.  As Google have recently made 3200 changes to their algorithm over the past 12 months we have put together a few key points, questions and tricks for you to continually grow with Google as time moves forward. You can read more on the latest changes here – Google, August 2019.

So the quest now becomes ‘What is quality content? How can you provide the best quality content to achieve the most possible traffic?’ google themselves provided a list which MUST be followed. Check it out below.

Are you including research analysis, Recent Work & Testimonials?
As a business keeping Google up to date with your recent work, testimonials and research analysis creates fresh insightful content for your audience. FAQs are also a great way to boost your websites SEO performance. Have you ever searched for a topic and seen the accordion of questions and answers Google provides? Those are actually pulled from a websites content who Google assume have the relative answers to your search query. Basically, even if you’re selling a service, it’s always great to come across as an informative website with answers. See Image – Google According

Does your current content provide a comprehensive description of the industry, business,  services or topic? Does it provide insightful information?
Example. A list of services on the homepage won’t work for you like a title and summary of each service followed by an internal link leading to a detailed outline and images on a services page.

Does your current content refer to other sources while avoiding copying a large volume of content  and not providing originality?
Example – These questions are all previously written by Google at however they have been completely rewritten and answers, examples and tactics provided for each questions to provide users with additional information.

The primary heading, (H1 Tag) and page title must provide a true representation of the following content?
Example – If you are using Google Chrome, right click anywhere on your webpage and choose > Inspect – A new window will pop up. Hold control + F on windows or Command + F on Mac then type <h1 This will locate and show your main heading tag for the page. Is your H1 tag relevant to the content provided on the page? See Image – Inspect Element
Advanced Trick – If you have a bit of an understanding of html you can also type <h2  and <title>and “description” to check on other important SEO information.
If these tags need adjusting you can get in touch with us on our SEO Page and we can sort everything out for you and submit the page for indexing to Google usually within 24hrs. 

Does the current content link to other pages on the website? Such as about us, contact us and meet the team? This builds trust for users and search engines.
Example – When putting your website together, your homepage needs to be broken down into sections of summaries – about us, services etc. At the end of every section there must be internal links or buttons directing users to the relative complete information on that section.

Does your content display correctly for a mobile phone user according to Google?
Did you know google have a system called the ‘webmaster search console‘ You can actually input a very small code into your website and run a performance test on Googles very own search console to get feedback on your current website and mobile errors? This can often be an advanced method of SEO and if you would like us to set it up for you please head over to our SEO page and get in touch. See Image – Search Console

Finally, the last thing I want to stress is ensuring you consistently update content. This blog post itself I will go back and update next week and continually work on to improve as time goes on. This will improve the rankings of the page and in-turn improve the SEO performance of the entire website.

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