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SEO Beginners Guide 2020

Welcome to the SEO Beginners Guide for 2020

Welcome to the beginners guide to SEO in 2020 where we can hopefully teach you a few tricks to help you bolster your SEO performance during the remainder of the year. Throughout this guide we will be using a brand new client – ADC A Design Company – An interior design company located on the Gold Coast. We will begin in May and complete the guide late November where we hope to have achieved first page status. 

ADC a Design Company is an interior design company based on the Gold Coast, Australia. We were beyond delighted to take on this SEO project for 2 primary reasons. First, ADC a Design Company is obviously very talented & skilled within their field and achieving a higher rank on Google is going to assist customers in finding a legitimate and professional interior design firm. The second reason, our crafty SEO specialists noted some key fundamentals were missing that are compulsory to dominating local SEO and we decided this was a great opportunity to share these fundamentals with the world.

Client Information


Gold Coast, Australia

Search Engine Optimization - Week 1

Current Google Rankings - N/A
May 1st - 8th, 2020

1. Analyse and Improve Page-speed using Googles Developer Tools

website time before
website time after

Why is Page speed important?

Google have copious amounts of media online as to why page sped and website loading times are a critical component of SEO. The primary concern is for those requesting information from a website at slower connection speeds. As we see a majority of online content managed by the use of CRM (Customer relationship management) systems such as WordPress, Shopify and Joomla, web browsers are required to request and load multiple files from different paths located on a server in order to present the webpage that sits in front of the user. There are a wide variety of causes for slow loading times and the main issues tend to stem from high res images, server response time and render-blocking scripts. is a free online image compression tool

What We Found

The Google PageSpeed insights tool reported the main cause of slow loading times for ADC a Design company were the high res images in the hero slider (at top of page) were in PNG format. As the hero slider is above-the-fold content and needs to be loaded first the users internet connection is required to load 3.5mb before an element was displayed.

What We Did

2. Google Business Set Up

The Importance of GMB

Google Business is not just the strongest backlink you can create for your domain, it also creates a second avenue for customers to connect with you through the maps option. Google Business provides a business the option to list their website, contact details, company description, reviews, photos and location and service areas. Also see how we managed to promote a local business to the top of Google maps and Google Organic listings and triple their traffic -> Learn More

Once the Google business is verified via postcard in the next 7 days we will ask previous clients to leave reviews to add a bit more spark to the listing and provide you a look on the clicks and traffic it receives instantly. 

3. Content & Meta Data

Google Meta Data Before
crawl new
Google Meta Data After

Meta Changes

The markup of page titles, and page descriptions should be clean, short and simple. Think of your descriptions as a way of telling Google who you are and what you do in 3 sentences. Your page title should just tell Google your industry and company name at most. This doesn’t just give Google a clear understanding of who you are, who to target and where to target those people but also gives users a clear understanding of the link they are going to click which increases click through, decreases bounce rate and boosts your Google ranking.

faq accordion
FAQ Accordion system

Adding Content

ADC a Design Company has a minimal, clean design with a great use of space. We did not want to compromise design but as the great Neil Patel always says “Content is King”. What we decided to do was incorporate an FAQ section at the bottom of the homepage. The FAQ accordion takes up minimal space, answers common questions and incorporates content for Google to crawl and rank the website and to go one better, the inclusion of schema mark up gives Google to ability to place the FAQ questions on Google itself.

Search Engine Optimization - Week 2 & 3

Current Google Rankings - 71 AVG.
May 8th - 22nd, 2020


What We did

Link-building is essential to building domain authority, creating legitimacy and boosting your popularity (in Google’s eyes) across the web. All of these aspects effect where you will rank on Google for your given services.

Essential links we have decided to focus on to begin with are local citations and directory listings on High DA websites, a 1,500 word guest post on a high traffic website with a referral link, social media integration, contextual links and a portfolio link here on Website Development Marketing.

TIP - Good backlinks have High DA, Trustflow and traffic. We use Ahrefs for backlink monitoring.
adc design 1st may
Current Links

3. New Content

New Homepage Content

Create Compelling Content That Converts!

By developing new, original and informative content surrounding what interior design is and how ADC operates we are able to capture Google’s attention, show e legitimacy and give readers the correct information. As keyword density and bulk spun content no longer boost SEO performance but hinder it, it is essential to ensure content is legitimate and purposeful. A great content writing and marketing company is Black Wolf PR. Black Wolf have experience in creating impactful content designed to build trust and create online sales for companies. You can learn more about content marketing here.

structured data
Google Structured Data

Structured Markup

Structured data, also commonly referred to as schema markup, is code which is developed for search engines to crawl which helps the search engine organise, and display the content of your website in a structured fashion. Structured data essentially communicates to search engines what your data means.

In order to create structured data to communicate with Google we used Google’s very own markup-helper. This tool gives users the ability to load from URL or html and tag html elements as structured snippets. Google take the information and create a JSON file. From here we loaded the JSON script into the head of the page requiring the markup.